Global Leader

Solarvest (P.E.I.) Inc. is an algae technology company and a world leader in the research and development of natural and genetically modified microalgae strains for high value markets. The Company has expertise in the latest algae-based biological technologies that are directed to develop and commercialize unique nutraceuticals and proprietary technologies including clean energy. The algae technology platform is unique since a single skill set and production process may be applied to seemingly different applications. The current products are well positioned, free of toxins and sustainable which is of great importance to consumers that are buying products to enhance their health.

The company operates two research operations, one in Summerville, PEI that develops proprietary media formulations and industry leading solvent free extraction processes and one Bloomington, Indiana that focuses on genetic enhancements for clean energy. The company has achieved many industry firsts with the highlights including:

  • The genetic modification of algae to continually produce hydrogen with sunlight, water, as inputs.
  • Industry leading levels of therapeutic protein expression for human and animal health.
  • High levels of DHA omega three oil in a natural media with solvent free extraction.

The company continues to research and develop intellectual property for the healthcare and industrial Biotech markets.


Solarvest BioEnergy specializes in the manipulation, growth and production of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (below)