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Few subjects have such broad impact on society than energy and its use. These impacts range from simple consumer issues such as the price of gasoline to political turmoil in the Middle East to melting ice caps in the Arctic.

Domestically produced, renewable and environmentally-benign sources of energy are vital for sustainable economic growth, environmental health and national security. Emissions of carbon dioxide are likely to increase significantly in the near future due to increased energy demand from developing countries, derived mainly from fossil fuel combustion. These emissions are predicted to have profound effects on the global climate, demonstrating the importance of implementing the use of renewable energy sources in the long term, as well as capturing CO2 to limit its release into the atmosphere in the short term.

Current methods for capturing CO2 are either relatively costly or use so much energy that the mitigation benefits become marginal. Hydrogen is considered to be an energy carrier for the future due to the environmentally benign effects of consumption. Presently, however, H2 is mostly produced from natural gas, leaving CO2 as a production waste product that has to be sequestrated at high cost.


Solarvest BioEnergy specializes in the manipulation, growth and production of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (below)